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Exeter Removals Exeter
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Removals advice : Moving Your Pets


We can provide a range of services to help make sure that your move is a success

Exeter removals and storage company, Bishop's offer helpful advice and tips when moving house with pets.

Moving home can be very stressful but you can minimise the anxiety all round by making sure that your prepare everything for your pets in advance of moving to your new home. Cats and dogs may wonder what on earth is going on with packing cases and chaos around, so take the time to reassure them and give them some extra care and attention. Try to keep your pets to their usual routine as much as possible leading up to the move. You may need to keep cats inside for the last few days leading up to the move to prevent them from disappearing because of the upheaval. Make sure that dogs and cats are microchipped (ask your vet) and have an ID collar or tag. Fit leg bands to your birds, which carry your name and destination address in case they disappear during your move or when you arrive at your new home.

You will need to find a new vet in your area so ask the vendors or neighbours for recommendation. Remember to ask for your pet's records to be forwarded to the new vet.

At your new home, take a look around the garden to see whether there are any escape routes for your dog and block up any gaps that you find. Don't let your dog out into the new garden until all escape holes are secure. Ask neighbours about the local cat population to find out if there are any difficult cats in the area or any neighbours who dislike cats and maybe unkind to them.

Devon Removals Exeter On the Day of Travel

  • Don't allow cats to go outside, in case they do a disappearing act at the 11th hour.
  • Keep cats and dogs in one room while all the furniture and your belongings are being taken out of the house. Lock the door and hand a "Do not Open - Pets in Here" sign or leave them at a friends house.
  • Many pets do not travel well. Get them used to it prior to the move by taking them on short journeys in the car.
  • Don't feed them for 12 hours before the journey to minimise the risk of car sickness.
  • Cats should be transported in a secure basket, measuring at least 50cm x 28cm x 28cm. If it is a long journey, stop and let your cat use a litter tray and eat some food.
  • Also, remember to walk your dog.
  • NB : You should never leave pets in a hot, cold or poorly ventilated car. Fish are particularly vulnerable to extremes of temperature

Exeter Removals Smaller Animals

  • Guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and other small mammals are best transported in well-ventilated, chew-proof containers. Make sure they have plenty of water in a spill proof container, a little food and lots of bedding.
  • Budgies travel best in a well-ventilated box, but if traveling in a cage, remove anything that could dislodge and fall on them during transit.
  • Fish should be transported in a clean, strong, polythene bag, part filled with water from the tank. Leave a good air pocket above the water level. Put the bag in a container. Do not be tempted to move fish in their tank, they are too heavy when full, and the glass could break. When you arrive at your new home, treat your fish as though they were new and de-chlorinate the water in the tank . Make sure the bag and tank water are at the correct temperature before transferring your fish.

Contact us at Bishop's, Exeter on 01392 249 843 for more information about the removals services available throughout the Devon area.

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