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  Removals Exeter Devon
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Exeter Removals; Moving Your Garden


Exeter Removals and Storage Company, Bishop's Move Exeter offer helpful advice and tips on getting your garden ready before moving house.

We can provide a range of services to help make sure that your move is a success

Exeter removals Digging up and Transplanting

Some shrubby plants, such as periwinkles, form clumps which can be dug up and cut into several rooted sections. Others, like lilac and strawberry, grow suckers - new shoots, arising from the roots. Many plants such as hellebore and foxgloves drop seeds which will grow into young plants. In all of these cases, the plants can be dug up and put into pots of soil ready for the move. A well established tree will probably not survive being excavated and transplanted. Proper after-care is also important. Once in their place, water them thoroughly and keep a one meter circle around the plant weed-free for two years.

Devon removals Exeter Taking Cuttings
A large range of trees, shrubs and climbers, including roses and fruit bushes, can be propagated from cuttings. It is worth trying any species from April to September. The ideal length for a cutting can vary from plant to plant, but most shrubs will root from 3-4 inch cuttings. Prune a healthy shoot and cut immediately under a leaf joint and also cut off the tip. Then remove all leaves except the top pair. Insert several cuttings into a pot of cutting compost where they should start to take root. Dipping the ends of the cutting in hormone rooting powder will assist rooting.

Exeter Removals Devon Splitting
Flowers that form clumps - bulbs such as snowdrops and perennials like Michaelmas daisies - can be split. Autumn and spring are the best times for splitting. First dig up a clump. With bulbs, simply pull off a handful and put them in a pot of soil and then return the rest to the ground. With perennial plants, split young sections from the edge of the clump, each with a couple of shoots and a piece of root. Pot some of them, replant some and discard the woody, old center of the clump.

Devon removals The Legal Challenge
Lastly secure rights to anything from your garden you wish to take - such as plants, containers or bird baths - in your contract with the buyer.

Contact Exeter Removals and Storage specialists Bishop's Move Exeter on 01392 249 843 for more information about the Removals services available throughout the Devon area.

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