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Removals advice; Moving With Children

We can provide a range of services to ensure your move is a success.

Devon Removals and Storage Company, Bishop's Move Exeter offer helpful advice and tips when moving house with children.

Devon removalsTake the children to see the new house, meet the new neighbours and explore their new surroundings.
Unfortunately, the nature of moving house can mean that arrangements for the actual day can be rather rushed and the children's needs pushed to one side. The following suggestions may help to ease the situation, particularly if they are implemented in advance.

Devon removalsChildren like to be clear about what's going on. It is better to get them involved rather than pretend that nothing is happening. Let them pack a box of their own possessions. They can watch it being put into the van and allow them to unpack it in the new house. This gives them a sense of being involved of the process as well as feeling of individual responsibility.

Devon removalsYoung children need security so it is important to make sure that their new room is first to be made habitable, with as many familiar items as possible. For slightly older children, their peer group may have become very important. They are likely to find the idea of making new friends the most daunting factor of moving. Ease this anxiety by arranging for old friends to visit. Make sure they realise that this will happen, not that it might. Try to fix the date and travel arrangements before the move.

Devon removalsChildren like to have control over their environment. When they move house this control is removed. Young children are likely to exert control in other ways. This can turn into tantrums, bed wetting and behaving in a much more demanding manner. This is normal and likely to be a temporary phase. Just be patient with them and they will soon be back to their old selves. Older children like to exert control in other ways, sometimes by sulking and arguing. It is a good idea to ask questions like "what can we do to make this move easier for you?" then try to talk through some reasonable suggestions. Another quick and simple idea is to take a picture of them outside their new house and turn it into a change of address card to give to their friends prior to the move.

Devon removalsThey also need to know about what the new area can offer. Provide them with leaflets about local clubs and facilities. Avoid trying to tell them they will prefer the new house and the new area. This is something they will have to find out for themselves. Older children can have a more active role in perhaps decorating their room. Try to accommodate their decorating ideas (within appropriate taste and budgetary limits) or give them some home decorating books from which they can come up with some creative ideas.

Devon removalsEven very young kids need to say goodbye to an area. Help the child make a scrapbook of their old area and fill it with pictures of friends, place they like and photographs of their old house. The scrapbook shows the children that you value their feelings. They may forget their old house quicker than you might think once they get into a new routine and make new friends.

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